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Form Complete Online Download Description
1 Enrollment Form Online Form PDF To establish a new CollegeCounts 529 Fund account.
2 Rollover Form PDF To initiate a rollover/transfer of assets from another 529-qualified tuition program or from a Coverdell Education Savings Account to your CollegeCounts 529 account.
3 Automatic Investment Plan Form Online Form PDF Sign up for an automatic investment plan from your bank account.
4 Change of Account Owner Form PDF To change the account owner.
5 Change of Designated Beneficiary Form PDF To change the designated beneficiary.
6 Change of Investment Option Form Online Form PDF To change investment portfolios.
7 Change or Add a Successor Account Owner Form PDF To add or change the successor account owner.
8 Contribution Form
(For proceeds from Qualified U.S. Savings Bonds, 529 plans, and CESAs)
PDF To contribute funds you have received from the liquidation of Qualified U.S. Savings Bonds, a 529-qualified tuition plan, or a Coverdell Education Savings Account.
9 Deposit Coupon PDF To add funds to an existing account. Can be used by the account owner, family, or friends.
10 Fund Transfer Form PDF Use this Form to transfer funds between CollegeCounts 529 Fund accounts.
11 Payroll Contribution Form PDF To establish or change a payroll contribution into your account.
12 Update Form Online Form PDF To update the account owner or designated beneficiary name or address or request e-delivery.
13 UGMA/UTMA Update Form PDF To change or add a successor custodian to an existing CollegeCounts 529 Fund UGMA or UTMA account.
14 Withdrawal Request Form Online Form PDF To request a withdrawal from your account.